Tomb Raider at Canada's Wonderland

Terracotta Warriors at Tomb Raider at Canada's Wonderland

Fabrication Highlights:

• Cast fiberglass sculptures • Large entry portal
• Constructed as an outdoor feature • Scenically painted


When major new roller coaster, Tomb Raider - The Ride, came to Canada's Wonderland it was highlighted with several high profile themed elements built by Great Lakes Scenic Studios, including a large sculptural depiction of the famous Terracotta Warriors.

The Warriors figures were made of cast fiberglass. Working with fiberglass is the preferred media for this type of application. First off, you can get a really accurate reproduction of your mold-positive. Secondly, fiberglass is quite weather stable, with only a very small amount of contraction and expansion which makes it an excellent choice for Canadian outdoor exhibit. Lastly, fiberglass is a very durable material and able to stand the abuse of an outdoor installation accessible by the public. Once completed and installed, the client and park-goers alike were thrilled by the addition.

As you moved into the ride area proper, you needed to go through a large entry feature also built by Great Lakes Scenic Studios. The welcome signage and columns were scenically treated to mimic the look and feel of entering the Warrior's Tomb. It was visually arresting and made an excellent focal point to establish a queuing point for ride traffic.

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Entry to Tomb Raider at Canada's Wonderland

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