LEGO Discovery Centres

LEGO Factory Tour Kids Playing

The LEGOLAND Discovery Centres are a great place for the whole family to spend the day letting your imagination run wild.

For the past four years, Great Lakes Scenic Studios has partnered with client Merlin Entertainment to bring the magic of LEGOLAND Discovery Centers to cities across North America, with the most recent one right here in the Greater Toronto Area. These 30,000+ square foot themed experiences offer lots to see and do for the whole family. Some of the features include:

• Amusement Park Rides • Interactive Factory Tour
• 4D Theatre • Giant Racer Ramps
• Model of the host city made entirely of LEGO • Duplo Play Village
• Jungle gym • Retail and food concessions

From the minute you step through the entryway, you are struck with the bright and familiar colours of LEGO. The vestibule welcomes one inside with it's oversize LEGO block portals. Thousands upon thousands of LEGO pieces are used extensively throughout the build, incorporated into many of the scenic elements. Great Lakes took care to build all the thematic elements in these centres out of materials as durable as they are brilliant.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre entry portal



 The panoramic shot below gives you a good idea of what to expect in the main play area.

LEGO Panorama



The Factory Tour is an immersive and interactive experience. Designed as an imaginary LEGO factory, there are all kinds of interactive exhibits that are very hands-on. The presence of LEGO actors in the room to guide, teach, and explain, further adds to the fun. The interactives feature moveable parts and some of them are fully automated. All built in-shop at Great Lakes Scenic Studios.

LEGO Factory Tour



 The Factory Tour Paint Station can be seen below.

Lego Factory Tour Paint Area



Here we see the heating and molding area. Of course there is no actual heat or molding taking place, but the displays are dynamic requiring hands-on manipulation by eager young participants. All of these areas needed to be built to withstand the wear and tear of thousands of kids on a daily basis.

LEGO Factory Tour Molding and Heating

LEGO Factory Tour



The Duplo Village Barn below, incorporates  Duplo LEGO in a grand scale. You feel like a LEGO Minifigure as you slide down the curly blue slide. 

LEGO Duplo Barn



One of the favourite stations to play at is the LEGO Racers Ramp. What child doesn't love racing a car down a giant ramp? In this case, it's even more fun because you get to build the car yourself out of a giant trunk of LEGO blocks and parts at the bottom of the slide.

LEGO Racers

LEGO Racers Side



Of course, all that competitive racing builds up one's appetite. LEGO's got you covered with this hot and cold snack bar, as seen below.

 LEGO Snack Bar



While you're there, you will definitely want to check out the revolutionary 4D LEGO theatre for a movie experience your not soon going to forget.  

LEGO Cinema Entry Sign

LEGO Cinema Entry Booth



After spending a fun filled day on the rides, exploring the LEGO City, and playing with all the LEGO and interactive games, stop by the LEGO store on your way out. It has a fitting parting gift to fit every taste and budget.

If you would like to plan your next trip to a LEGOLAND Center near you, here is a great place to start: If you would like to know more about this fascinating fun filled build, or would like to discuss your next project with us, just click here to connect: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

LEGO Exit Feature


In the News:

Holt Renfrew Square One Nail Bar

HR Nail Polish Bottle

We had the pleasure of parterning again with our long time client Holt Renfrew to produce massive oversized nail polish bottles for the grand opening of their newest store in Square One. Each piece was hand carved from styrofoam and finished in Holt Renfrew's glossy trademark magenta. Thia unit was over 7' tall by 4' wide and was showcased in their main atrium. When a client calls with a seemingly impossible request, we find a way to make it happen!