British Invasion Show for Princess Cruise Lines

British Invasion Show for Princess Cruise Lines

Fabrication Highlights:

• 16 foot high vacuum formed flats for the London Bridge • British styled Mini Cooper replica
• Dimensional double decker bus  • Built to minimize weight


Walking through the shop during the build for Princess Cruise Lines British Invasion show, you really felt as if you were in jolly old England. The show's resplendent colour and design made it a real joy for the staff of Great Lakes Scenic Studios to work on.

Long time valued client, Princess Cruise Lines really knows how to entertain aboard their ships and the British Invasion show was no exception. There were Mini Coopers, the London Bridge, double decker buses, British phone booths and much more to capture the eye and set the mood. Once installed and choreographed, the show quickly became a favourite of both passengers and staff alike.

One of the challenges of building sets to be used on board a sailing ship is that weight is always an issue - the lighter the better. Great Lakes used our long experience in this area to design build strategies that kept weight to a minimum without sacrificing the design aesthetic. A good example of this was the building of the London bridge flats. They were constructed using vacuum forming, with essentially produced a dimensional bridge made from relatively thin plastic. This was subsequently scenically painted to great effect. The end result was a large dimensional piece that looked like it was made of wood, but in reality was lightweight plastic. Taken in aggregate, fabrication choices such as these made a considerable impact on reducing the overall weight of the build.

If you would like to see the show in person while enjoying a fantastic getaway, just click here: If you would like more information about this build, or would like to talk about your next project, connect with us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Head Painter Jane and the London Tower for the British Invasion Show for Princess Cruise Lines

Giant British Ensign being worked on by our soft goods team

Vintage British styled Mini Cooper replica

Will scenically paints traditional British road signs

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