Daniels Bubble Wall in the ARC Condominium

Daniels Bubble Wall in the ARC Condominium

Fabrication Highlights:

• Custom bent aluminum rings • Built to be fully accessible by the public
• Crane assisted installation • Layout designed in-house


The commons party area of the Arc condominium is a bright and welcoming space. The designer of the building envisioned a pair of bubble walls as a design aesthetic that would make full use of the openness and natural light in the space. Great Lakes Scenic Studios was asked to fabricated the bubble walls using a sketch to indicate the overall design intent.

The first challenge was to create the aluminum rings in various sizes. To achieve a consistent wall thickness, flat aluminum was rolled and welded into perfect rings. One of the real challenges of the piece was to arrange the rings in a way that stayed true to the design intent, and this is where having an artistic eye to guide the welding torch made all the difference. It took some thought, trial and error, but in the end we ended up with a pair of whimsical walls that actually looked as if they were made with airy cross sections of bubbles.

Having the artistic sensitivity to understand and execute design intent as well as detail is one of defining characteristics separating Great Lakes Scenic Studios from other fabrication facilities.

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Installation of the Daniels Bubble Wall in the ARC Condominium