Custom Film Ceiling and Model Base at Daniels Cinema Tower Presentation Centre

Custom Film Ceiling and Model base at Daniels Cinema Tower Presentation Centre

Fabrication Highlights:

• Custom acrylic film-style ceiling • Integrated lighting

Highlighting the cinematic theme of the new condominium, Great Lakes Scenic Studios custom fabricated a film-styled ceiling. Bending acrylic in a way that actually looked like unspooling film was the key challenge of this build. This is a good example of where having talented staff with an artistic sense is critical to the success of the project. While many people could bend acrylic, to be able to bend it and capture the organic natural of film with its natural ebb and flow is a skill that requires both a deft hand and an artistic eye. It all comes down to great people doing great work. Great Lakes Scenic Studios is proud of our world class team of tradespeople and artists that meet each new build with passion and knowledge. 



In the News:

Holt Renfrew Square One Nail Bar

HR Nail Polish Bottle

We had the pleasure of parterning again with our long time client Holt Renfrew to produce massive oversized nail polish bottles for the grand opening of their newest store in Square One. Each piece was hand carved from styrofoam and finished in Holt Renfrew's glossy trademark magenta. Thia unit was over 7' tall by 4' wide and was showcased in their main atrium. When a client calls with a seemingly impossible request, we find a way to make it happen!