Custom Ceiling at Daniels One Cole Tower

Close Up of Custom Ceiling for Daniels One Cole Tower Presentation Centre

Fabrication Highlights

* Custom lighting feature • Wood-metal-electrical integration
• Quick installation  


It's a story that project managers and design professionals hear all to often. You start with a design feature that seems easy enough and will add significantly to the look of a space, in this case a lighting feature. Oh by the way, it needs to be custom. Oh, and can we make it with both wood and metal and then add in the electrics? Oh, and there is not a lot of time or budget for installation. The list goes on. This is the point where typically the general contractor will throw a huge number at the feature to make it go away. This is also the exact point where Great Lakes Scenic Studios truly shines.

In this example, the fact that this is a custom piece is not an issue because everything we do is in fact a custom build. Integrating wood, metal and electrics is completed seamlessly in our shop because we have all the trades under one roof, eliminating the need to complicate the build with a bevy of sub-trades. When our carpenters have a question for the welders about coordinating the metal inlays, they just walk across the shop floor and have that questioned answered immediately. Having all the fabrication team members in-house really reduces the time it takes to build a piece, it reduces mistakes, and saves money. Additionally, since we are able to build the entire piece in-house, installation is quick as there is minimal site work required. In a construction situation, this can save thousands of dollars in down time.

At the end of the day the project manager was pleased to be able to build the feature as designed for the budget that was available. The designer was glad the piece was built as designed, and the budgeting team was glad not to have to say no for a change.

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Overview of the Custom Ceiling for the Daniels One cole Presentation Centre

One Cole Tower Presentation Centre Custom Ceiling