Cinema Tower Entry Feature

Cinema Tower Entry Feature


Fabrication Highlights:

• Hand-hammered bronze faceplate
• CORTEN steel base
• Full LED lighting package
• Graffiti proof sealer

Daniels Corporation’s Cinema Tower has just been completed in downtown Toronto, a sister building to the renowned Festival Tower. This upscale building in one of Toronto’s most desirable districts continues the cinematic theme with style and distinction. Right from the outset the bar is set high as is witnessed by this entry feature  built by Great Lakes Scenic Studios.

First off the material selection denotes the usury and permanence of the building as a whole. The faceplate is made of hand hammered bronze plate measuring 1/2 inch thick. The hand hammering gives a real artistic finish to the piece. An interesting fact is that in the process of doing the hammering, we actually wore out three hammers! This just goes to show why bronze is such a great material for applications requiring longevity.Another interesting feature is the lighting system. Great Lakes designed the piece with a full lighting package and an additional redundant system so as to virtually eliminate the possibility of the light failing. Seemingly small fabrication decisions like these make a huge difference to conservancy load in the long run.A last interesting feature was the choice of CORTEN steel for the support structure. The CORTEN will naturally patina into a warm brown rust colour that will perfectly complement the historic green patina the bronze will eventually acquire. Both the bronze and the CORTEN were chosen as they incorporate well with artist Peter Powning’s artwork titled Strata, which frames the entranceway.For more information about living in this exciting new development, just click here: If you would like to learn more about this fabrication project or would like to discuss your next build with us, connect here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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