Cineplex Digital Lounge

Fabrication Highlights:

• Custom acrylic light fixtures
• CSA inspected and stamped
• Included installation


The Cineplex Digital Lounge is a fully connected space for shoppers to sit down, kick back and plug in at the Vaughan Mills Mall.  In order to define the physical space that the lounge occupies, Great Lakes Scenic Studies produced a series of column wraps and lighting cubes that were hung as light fixtures overhead.

Table Rock Centre in Niagara Falls Canada

Table Rock Niagara Falls Custom Lighting Panorama

Fabrication Highlights:

• Custom architectural lighting • CNC cutouts
• Circular panorama • On-site installation

Visitors to Niagara Falls often drop into the Table Rock Welcome Centre on the Canadian side. Here you can grab a refreshment and a souvenir of your day at one of the world's best known natural wonders. As part of a recent renovation, the retail area of Table Rock received a facelift highlighted by a large custom lighting panorama with scenic animal cutout.

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Italian Immersion

Holt Renfrew Italian Immersion Bobbin

Iconic retailer Holt Renfrew in conjunction with the Italian Trade Commission planned a retail celebration of all things Italian; everything from luxury goods to fine cuisine. As part of that experience, Holt Renfrew turned to Great Lakes Scenic Studios to fabricate some large thread bobbins and needles to help decorate their flagship 100 Bloor Street West store in downtown Toronto.

The large bobbins were rigged to hang down from the ceiling to the ground floor in the elevator foyer. The thread playfully wove itself downward and hung in a magical suspension. The trick behind this effect was that it was actually made of an aluminum pipe that had been artistically bent and then painted to reproduce the look of real thread. The needle received a similar treatment, made of scenically painted MDF and aluminum.

Holt Renfrew Italian Immersion Thread

Event Court Pendant Lighting and Custom Ceiling

Event Court Pendant Lighting and Custom Ceiling

Fabrication Highlight:

• 11 large pendant lights ranging from 4 to 17 feet in diameter
• Lights contain thousands of LED’s to produce a bright, uniform glow.
• 84 large 8x10 foot panels made of aluminum
• A pair of custom curved lighting trusses measuring 60 feet in length
• Fabricated and installed by Great Lakes Scenic Studios and sister company F&D Scene Changes

One of the crown jewels of the Vaughan Mills recent 87 million dollar expansion is the much anticipated event court. A series of 11 pendant fixtures ranging in size from 16 feet down to 4 feet act as a beacon to the main event area. The lights are framed in aluminum and covered in fabric with red printed acrylic accent panels. One of the challenges of the lights was to ensure a uniform brilliance without dark areas or bright spots. This was achieved through the use and placement of thousands of LED’s. To accentuate the lighting in the area, we also custom built a pair of curved lighting trusses that measured a lengthy 60 feet across.

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Cinema Tower Entry Feature

Cinema Tower Entry Feature


Fabrication Highlights:

• Hand-hammered bronze faceplate
• CORTEN steel base
• Full LED lighting package
• Graffiti proof sealer

Daniels Corporation’s Cinema Tower has just been completed in downtown Toronto, a sister building to the renowned Festival Tower. This upscale building in one of Toronto’s most desirable districts continues the cinematic theme with style and distinction. Right from the outset the bar is set high as is witnessed by this entry feature  built by Great Lakes Scenic Studios.

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In the News:

COVID 19 Custom Safety Solutions

For over 20 years we've worked with clients in the entertainment, retail and residential sectors to custom fabricate unique projects. Our strength has always been in thinking up innovative and creative solutions to meet our client's unique needs.

Earlier this year, the global pandemic hit. The world has changed and priorities have shifted.

The focus now is moving towards slowly reopening businesses while maintaining employee and public safety. Businesses will face unique challenges in planning to reopen. Creative solutions will need to be found to maximize safety of employees and the public as well as allow for safe operation of all businesses.

As scenic fabricators, we're used to thinking outside the box. In this post COVID 19 landscape, we are here to help you think outside of the box for solutions to get your business back up and running. From protective barriers, contactless pickup solutions, mobile pop up shops to whatever else you can dream of - we've got you covered.

With over 40,000 square feet of fabrication space, we house carpentry, welding, metal and acrylic fabrication, sewing, design and engineering all under one roof. Our capabilities are endless.

Contact us today to discuss your business' unique needs. Our team is ready to help you find creative solutions to get your company operating safely and quickly.