Large Retail Light Fixutres

Large Retail Light Fixtures

Fabrication Highlights:

• Large 18 foot x 4 foot light fixtures
• Theme printed fabric over aluminum frame
• Fire treated fabric
• Engineered and CSA stamped

Functional and aesthetically pleasing, these oversized custom light fixtures are part of the renovations at Vaughan Mills Mall. The fabric on each of the four fixtures has been thematically printed with custom graphics related to the immediate environment. Bold and colourful, they complement the surrounding decor while also serving as a waypoint for mall patrons.

To start with, we built a full aluminum frame to the engineered specifications. We then added the electrical components, including hundreds of LEDs. The electrical work was inspected and stamped by the CSA. The fabric was treated with a fire retardant, printed and fitted onto the frame. The lighting fixtures were then installed by the Great Lakes Scenic Studios team.For more information about this project or to discuss your next project with us, connect with us here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Large Paterned Retail Light Fixture