Titanic Grand Staircase

Titanic Touring Museum's Grand Staircase for Premier Exhibits

Fabrication Highlights:

• Intricate millwork • Touring exhibit needed to travel
• Molded fiberglass adornments • Museum quality

Perhaps the most iconic staircase of the modern age is the Grand Staircase from the HMS Titanic. When Premier Exhibits was arranging a touring show to celebrate Titanic's rich history, they chose Great Lakes Scenic Studios to fabricate several key exhibits including one of the most iconic displays of all, the grand Staircase.

As the most luxurious seagoing vessel of its' time, the appointments on the Titanic were unparallelled in their grandeur and beauty. The challenge for this build was to recapture that magic in a reproduction that not only looked as breath-taking as the original but also had the ability to be disassembled and reformed in different locations as part of a touring exhibit. Great Lakes Scenic Studios was able to leverage its decades of experience in the theatre business to build a staircase that was as practical as it was beautiful.  

Other focal points of the tour are the Ships Bridge and Engine Room. Great Lakes was able to reproduce the look and feel of these areas by working closely with the show's designer to make sure all the details were exact.

One of the largest contributions Great Lakes made to this project was in the sheer number and variety of artifact cases and vitrines used for display. Such a large assortment of artifacts required all different types of cases and displays, designed and built to delicately transport these historical treasures.

If you would like to see the museum first hand, you can visit their webpage here: http://www.rmstitanic.net/exhibitions.html. If you would like more information about this build or to discuss your next project, connect with us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Titanic Touring Museum's Grand Staircase

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