Rock and Roll Hall of Fame New York Annex

Interactive 3D Map of New York

Fabrication Highlights:

• Interactive map of Manhattan built to scale • Custom casework and vitrines
• Extensive graphics • Logistically challenging installation


When the venerable Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were looking to stage a museum experience in New York City, they added Great Lakes Scenic Studios to the play bill as the exhibit fabricator.

With 25,000 square feet of space to devote to rare rock and roll artifacts, the Rock and Roll Annex in New York City was as ambitious s it was fascinating. The artifacts ranged in shapes and sizes from a record album up to Bruce Springsteen's '57 Chevy; each needing a custom presentation platform to tell it's story. Another compelling feature of the museum was the integration of technology in the space. The whole experience is immersive, with geographically aware technology customizing your listening experience to your location in the museum.

Another cutting edge use of technology in the space was the interactive 3D map build by Great Lakes that allowed fans to explore a scale model of Manhattan that highlighted significant events in music history across the City.


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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame New York Annex Autograph Wall

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame New York Annex Exhibts


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