World's Largest Solar Tree

World's Largest Solar Tree

Fabrication Highlights:

• Solar electrical system wired to the grid • Fully engineered and installed
• Towers 23 feet in the air • Produces 8.6 KW of energy


This 23 foot tall solar tree is part of a revenue-neutral installation fabricated by Great Lakes Scenic Studios for the City of London Ontario's tourism welcome centre.

As you drive down Wellington Road in London, you are greeted by a large sculptural representation of the City's familiar tree-styled logo at the Tourism London Welcome Centre. Upon closer inspection you will notice the solar panels on each of the tree's 27 leaves as well as the solar array set back from the tree. The energy that is produced by this public art installation will save 10 tonnes of CO2 from entering the environment each year and will not cost taxpayers a dime, since the electricity produced can be sold to the power company for more than the cost of the project.

As the fabricator of the solar tree, some of the considerations were engineering, electrical integration into the power grid and durability. The steel structure was powdercoated for longevity of finish and the electrical work was all completed in our shop, readied for our plug-and-play installation.

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