People - Stainless Steel Sculpture designed by JPRA Architects

Stainless Steel Sculpture

Fabrication Highlights:

• 16 foot tall sculpture
• Made of hand buffed 3/16 inch stainless steel
• 9 rows of people totalling 220 figures

As you walk through the newly expanded Vaughan Mills Mall, one of the most striking new additions is the
16 foot high stainless steel sculpture with hundreds of people cut-outs stacked in 9 layers on concentric rings that in turn sit on a stainless steel base.


The figures are an iconic representation of the different types of people that make of the mall’s patrons, coming in different heights, shapes and styles. Each figure was hand buffed and polished to ensure a brilliance as well as to smooth out and soften the edges in order to eliminate the risk of cuts or abrasions to people interacting with the piece. Behind the people cut-outs were large pieces of acrylic formed to fit the circular patter of the piece. Finally, behind the acrylic were numerous LED lights that cast a warm glow from the heart of the structure. Using the proper LEDs and placing them correctly was an important step in ensuring there would be a warm and diffuse light without discernible bulb light points. This piece had lots of challenge from a fabrication perspective. Getting the acrylic to shape properly, lining up the layers of rings so they made sense aesthetically, and getting the various materials to fit together seamlessly as envisioned in the original design were just a few of the obstacles that the team at Great Lakes Scenic Studios overcame in fabricating this sculpture. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your next project, please connect with us here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Close-up view


Angle view

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