Artist Ed Pien's Revel and Radiance Sculpture



Fabrication Highlights:

• 40 foot x 20 foot aluminum rings • Water jet aluminum cutouts
• Installation included • Fully engineered


Artist Ed Pien brings his public art sculpture Revel and Radiance to Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre as part of its recent expansion. Fabricated by Great Lakes Scenic Studios, the piece floats ethereally above the shoppers below.

The Yorkdale Shopping Centre is Canada's 5th largest retail shopping experience and boasts the second highest sales per square foot of any major mall in the country. Building on their success, mall owners embarked on a 145,000 square foot expansion that opened in 2012.  Looking for an artist to design a piece of public art to grace the new space, mall ownership chose Canadian artist Ed Pien.  Pien's canvas was to be the atrium space located at the entrance of the new section. A lofty and open area bathed in natural light, Pien was inspired by the openness to pay homage to the heavens.

Great Lakes Scenic Studios worked with Pien to help transform his artistic vision into fabricated reality. The piece focused on a pair of giant ellipses as the base structure adorned with two-dimensional transparent circles in a variety of colours that hung downwards and spun freely. The steel ellipses were a challenge due to their sheer scale, both in fabrication and installation. A second part of the installation was the graphic application on the outer windows that reinforced the idea of the cosmos.

Today, when you enter the mall, you immediately connect with the piece as a solar system with planets and other celestial bodies moving about their own business while still being part of the greater whole defined by the ellipse. Even though the physical weight of the piece is quite significant, there is a lightness and whimsy to the piece that leaves one smiling.

To learn more about the works of Ed Pien, visit him at: For more information about this build or to discuss your next project, connect with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Artist Ed Pien's Revel and Radiance Window Treatment Installing the rings

Artist Ed Pien Talks Fabrication with Tom and JaquesFabricating Revel and Radiance

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