Artist Tim Forbes' Echo Stainless Steel Sculpture

Artist Tim Forbes' Echo Stainless Steel Sculpture

Fabrication Highlights:

• Hand bent stainless steel • Pointed-up from maquette
• Complex metal form • Permanent outdoor sculpture


Echo is a sculptural series created by celebrated Toronto artist Tim Forbes. The above pictured piece is an enlargement fabricated in stainless steel as part of the collection.

Great Lakes Scenic Studios has worked with Forbes for several years and enjoys the challenge that his organic works present, and his latest series is no exception. Tim had handcrafted a small maquette out of heavy aluminum sculpture wire to define the form for us. It was then up to our welding team to point that model up to a larger size. Head Welder Jacques LaFrance took the fabrication lead on this smaller, yet delicate piece. It required someone with a real artistic eye to be able to translate the change in scale and stay true to the form. The challenge however is in being able to understand the design intent so that the finished piece is what the artist had envisioned, not simple a scaling up of what was presented. Fortunately, Jacques' 20+ of artistic welding experience enabled to construct the work as intended by the artist.

To learn more about artist Tim Forbes, visit him at: If you would like more information on this build, or would like to discuss your next project, connect with us at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Artist Tim Forbes Working Through Fabrication Details with Jacques