Artist Patrick Tuttofuoco's Sculpture Joe

Artist Patrick Tuttofuoco with Sculptural Work Joe

Fabrication Highlights:

• 1 week turn around • Cast fiberglass
• CNC carved full 3D positive  


Artist Patrick Tuttofuoco stands beside his fiberglass sculpture Joe.  When I took the call from a curator at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, I was cautiously intrigued. The gallery was about to show the work of up and coming artist Patrick Tuttofuoco and the artist had a request. Would it possible to have a sculpture fabricated locally within a week in time for the exhibition? It was a last minute idea by the artist that was posed to the Gallery and subsequently to us.

 Fortunately the Artist was quite organized and had created a 3D model of his desired form. He took inspiration from both a goalies mask and a welders mask - two iconic forms that spoke to him about Canada and Hamilton in particular. Once Great Lakes Scenic Studios had the CAD file we milled out a positive of the mask in foam to be able to create a fiberglass mold. From there were able to pull the mask and then weld up a suitable stand to frame it upon. At the end of the week we delivered to the Artist the mask as he had envisioned it right down to the gritty industrial looking details. It was fast and furious and a lot of fun to work with such a creative and organized client.

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Joe Fiberglass Sculpture by Artist Patrick Tuttofuocos

CAD file photo of model provided by Artist