Food Network Ice Cold Cash Bike

Food Network Ice Cold Cash Bike

Fabrication Highlights:

• Automated mechanical Winner's celebration • Multimedia integration
• Custom fiberglass ice cream cone props • Functional bike


I just love the Food Network, so when I found out that we were going to be fabricating a custom bike for their new hit show "Ice Cold Cash" I was stoked. The concept for the show is to answer food-related questions for cash. The host would drive the ice cream cart through a park-like setting, waiting for someone looking for ice cream.  Once the unsuspecting would-be-contestant asks for an ice cream, the host would remove the lid to the ice cream freezer and a prop would automatically rise from the depths of the faux freezer to eye level with a flourish of light and sound signalling the start of the game.

Working together, Jacques our Head Welder and Dan, our Head Electrician were able to come up with an ingenious automation mechanism for the bike that ultimately helped add to the show's success.

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