Coca Cola Happiness Tour Custom Vehicle

Coca Cola Happiness Tour Custom Vehicle

 Fabrication Highlights:

• Touring Experiential exhibit • Built-in multimedia
• Extensive graphics • Great scenic treatments


The Coca Cola Open Happiness Tour caravan lived up to its name as it toured Quebec. Customized by Great Lakes Scenic Studios inside and out, this RV featured a great sound system, video games area, WiFi and more.

Hot summer days and ice cold Coca Cola are a natural combination.  As part of an experiential marketing campaign, Coca Cola asked marketing partner Mosaic to design a mobile campaign to market to consumers in Quebec. The concept was a mobile platform suitable for sampling and general fun in the sun - in short, the Open Happiness Campaign was born.

As shown above, it started off with a fully graphic-wrapped RV to garner attention and let everyone know that the crew from Coke was in town. The RV had an awesome sound system installed to help set the mood, and that was just the beginning. One of the most important parts of the campaign was the product sampling, and to do that you need a great serving bar. Great Lakes built a mobile bar with hyper-realistic clear ice front and side panels. To keep the party going, we also built a spray-chalk graffiti wall, as seen below.

Coca Cola Happiness Tour Bar and Wall

Once you moved inside the RV, you were invited to log in on one of the WiFi-enabled computers, play a video game on the big screen and, of course, have a long cool sip of Coke.

For more information about this build or to discuss your next project, connect with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coca Cola Open Happiness Tour Vehicle Interior 1

Coca Cola Open Happiness Tour Vehicle Interior 2



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