Beyond Wonderland Stage

Beyond Wonderland Stage at Dusk

Fabrication Highlights:  

• Epic scenic paint job • Touring stage set-up
• 200 foot wide x 78 foot high scale • Quick turn-around


This massive stage, built for Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland music festival spanned 200 feet wide and soared 78 feet into the air. Built by Great Lakes Scenic Studios and sister shop F&D Scene Changes Ltd., it was a kaleidoscopic landscape of brilliant scenic paint.


Beyond Wonderland Stage at Night

Over 40,000 fans at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountainview, CA experienced a blaze of sound and colour on the weekend of September 28th-29th 2013 as Insomniac hosted its latest installment of Beyond Wonderland.  The weekend-long music festival centred around the massive 200 foot wide by 78 foot high stage wrapped in scenic paint and light.

Great Lakes Scenic Studios and sister shop F&D Scene Changes Ltd. utilized all of our shop's talent to build and install the massive stage in only eight weeks. Planning and coordination of the various trades working together over both of our shops was critical in constructing such a big set in such a short time. The base structure of the build was primarily steel framing skinned with plywood that was manufactured for easy assembly at the event. What really made this set pop, however, was the epic scenic paint job by the talented scenic paint teams at both of our shops. The colours were vivid and eye-popping on a grand scale, helping to create a memorable experience for all those attending. Hundreds of gallons of paint, glaze and fire-protectorant were painstakingly hand-painted by our scenic painters in a symphony of colour that transformed the stage into an experience not to be forgotten.

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